The Saga of the Magic Ball

Photo by Amanda Nichols

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a mysterious force entered the Central Ward Boys and Girls Club and left behind a strange ball. This wasn’t just a regular ball but a magical globe that entranced every person who looked upon it. The unlucky few who took the object into their hands lost all track of time and awakened hours later angry and frustrated, for as the ball captivated it also punished. The wizard of the Boys and Girls Club, Mr. Phil, loved the ball with all his heart and dedicated countless hours to the meticulous study of its power.


Then one day, as Mr. Phil neared the ultimate conquest over the ball, an evil sorcerer named Adam used his dark magic to corrupt the ball and forever stop anyone from solving the puzzle. Horrific grief and sorrow covered the land of Central Ward. But no one mourned as severely as Mr. Phil. All sunshine and happiness were gone from his life, never to return again.

No one remembers how long these dark ages lasted for time stood still from grieving. But ALAS!

Mr. Phil and the Ball

One day, a ray of sunshine broke through the darkened clouds of doom and shone upon a mailman walking up the path towards the Boys and Girls Club. In his arms he bore the greatest gift humanity had ever witnessed: a new magic ball, a greater, better magic ball. Throughout the land of Newark everyone rejoiced and celebrated for Mr. Phil was once again reunited with his nemesis and dearly beloved friend. The clouds dispersed. Rays of sunshine covered the playground. Children’s laughter once again rang in the hallways. The yin and the yang of The Boys and Girls Club had finally been restored and the world went on as it had always been.


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